YOR CAR HIRE set up some rewarding schemes for our customers. Specialy if you are a regular customer and book with Yor Car Hire several times a year you can enjoy our loyalty program with several ways of getting your Algarve Car Hire at a cheaper price.

If you are a frequent visitor to Algarve and each time you come you rent a car with us you can enjoy a progressive discount iqual to the number of times you come per year.
Before you make a new booking, just drop us an email and we will adjust your discount code accordingly.

If you rent a car with us and come with other friends that also book with us at the same time, all parties (you and your friends) will have a discount iqual to the number of bookings made for the same period.
Before making the bookings send us an email with last name of each one that is going to book so we can set up a discount code for each.

Be our friend on Facebook. Send us a Facebook message. We will set up a discount code for your next car hire reservation.

Our booking system records points for each booking you make with us, based on the value of each booking. When you reach 3,000 points you can redeem your points and win a free week rental (group A in low season) or deduct the corresponding value in any booking.

1 - These programs are not cumulative, meaning you can't acumulate discount with more than one program simultaniously.
2 - Maximum discount possible is 10% on Programs 1 and 2.
3 - If you intend to use the points program, please let us know so we start computing your points and disregard disocunts from other programs.
4 - You will see the number of points earned in each booking you make but they will have no effect if you uses any other program or didn't tell us you wnat to use the poits program (Program 4).
5 - We are negociating other programs and offers and will let you know when we have new programs.

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